Earn free bitcoin from highest payout faucets in 2021

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bitcoin faucet

Using bitcoin faucets is the #1 method to get free crypto in 2021.

While there are many ways to earn free cryptocurrency coins - e.g. watching ads & taking part in a lottery, the #1 method to get free crypto coins is using faucets.

I will tell you quickly what faucets are, how they work and how to get free bitcoin or even other cryptocurrencies for free.

bitcoin faucet

I will then present you with a list of the highest payout bitcoin faucets so you can start collecting satoshis now.

You will not make millions overnight, but if the bitcoin price growth continues on the same trajectory it has been on since 2009, you might be in for a surprise one day. They key is consistency - commiting yourself to claim the coins every day from several faucets can help you pile up nice stacks of coins.

What are bitcoin faucets and how do they work?

Bitcoin faucets are systems that give out small amounts of crypto as rewards. The faucet owner usually earns money from advertising and tries to earn more from ads than they give away free as rewards.

The rewards are eligible to be claimed at different time intervals, depending on the faucet you are using.

Each faucet works in a bit different way - some just let you click a button to receive a small amount of coins, others let you do different tasks (such as watch a video) to earn even more coins.

You will see the exact instructions what to do on each faucet's website.

Down below you'll see a list of the best performing bitcoin faucets in 2021 with the highest payouts.

bitcoin faucet bitcoin faucet

Top 2 Bitcoin Faucets (2021)



  • Founded in 2018
  • Great User Interface
  • Watch videos, play games, click ads etc for more BTC
  • Coin multiplier

Cointiply is currently one of the most popular bitcoin faucets in the world, thanks to huge payouts you can earn from a wide range of tasks.



  • Play lottery for more free bitcoin
  • Claim every 60 minutes
  • Win a Lamborghini Huracan
  • Multiply BTC / Bet on sports

After being launched in 2018, freebitcoin has quickly become one of the most popular faucets on the planet.


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