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Let me tell you quickly what buybitcoinsmart is and why I am building it. When I first got interested in Bitcoin back in 2013, I was overwhelmed with all the information about how Bitcoin works.

After understanding how Bitcoin fits into the world and why we need it, I easily concluded - I need to buy some BTC. What wasn't so easy was deciding where to purchase and store bitcoin safely.


There was no crypto twitter, no crypto youtubers, no telegram channels, no mainstream media outlets writing about crypto. I got my information from the Bitcointalk Forum, which was tough for a newbie since the forum was and mostly still is highly technical. Luckily there weren't too many legit looking exchanges or wallets back then, so the decisions weren't too difficult.

In 2014-2015 I unfortunately lost some altcoins in the Cryptsy exchange hack, which would be worth a nice amount of money today. If only I had known which exchanges were safe to use and how to safely store my bitcoin & altcoins back then...


Fast forward to today - there are countless exchanges and wallets to choose from. Some are great for buying bitcoin with a bank transfer, some are better for buying Bitcoin with a credit card, some are just outright scams that steal your hard-earned money. What works great in one country might not be available to customers from other countries.

I believe humanity needs an alternate financial system with a currency that is immune to devaluation caused by the ever-increasing fiat monetary supply. In my opinion, the best choice is bitcoin because it's scarce, decentralized and no more than 21 million bitcoin can ever be created. It also has the early mover advantage - new coins with faster and cheaper transactions appear every day, but they are powerless against the network effects of Bitcoin.

With bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies becoming more popular every day, there are large amounts of newcomers flooding into the space. Scammers and hackers see those people as easy money. This is why I created buybitcoinsmart - a simple online resource to help onboard newcomers into the crypto financial system. I want to help people easily understand how to buy bitcoin and store it safely.

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Buybitcoinsmart is designed to help you buy and store Bitcoin safely in every country of the world.

Simply choose your country and you will see a list of all the best exchanges to purchase bitcoin from.

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Thank you for using buybitcoinsmart.

Whether you're using it to find the best exchange to buy bitcoin, choose a crypto wallet or learn about crypto, i'm glad i can help you.

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